Special Band

About Us

The Midnight Special Band was formed back in 1988. It was founded by brothers Dennis and Dean Rehrig. Their love of country music and entertaining folks from all over was the cornerstone of the Midnight Special Band. The gift of music was given to them from their daddy, Frank "Pop" Rehrig. Frank was a fiddle player and also squeezed the accordion. Dennis and Dean, along with their father, were original members of the Rehrig Family Band along with Dennis's twin brother David.
In 1979, Dennis, Dean and David decided to change the name of the band to Twitty Fever. David was the lead singer who had great passion for the music of Conway Twitty. Twitty Fever was a four-piece band rounded out with Jim Baldwin on bass guitar and harmony vocals.
In 1988, Dennis and Dean decided to leave Twitty Fever and begin the Midnight Special Band. Since 1988, the Midnight Special Band has gone through many changes. But, one thing has remained the same: love of music. The love of country music by the Rehrig Family continues to be the foundation of the Midnight Special Band.